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Persistence to creation of Kamon design

Explain create the Kamon design.

There are Kamon more than 25,000 in Japan. And a meaning is put in all of them. I will introduce one of the Kamon that I have made.

A is a neroli blossom is a form of citrus fruit system herb. It is the fragrance that it is very refined, and is feminine. I put the meaning of “desire to become feminine and elegant as if this fragrance” in A. I think the impression to the fragrance of this flower to be person each. That’s why meaning of Kamon will vary depending on person having it.

B is the sword. Sword has been used since ancient times to Kamon. Sword’s Kamon is used in the family of samurai mainly. I replaced samurai by the person who works ( or fights ) in the modern world. The sword contains a meaning called “cut through ( or open up )”. Also I put the meaning of “open the way to my future” in B.

C is the water. Water is used for many old Kamon, too. I give moisture by adding water and it is make more powerful the meaning of the flower.

Finally, neroli petals of real are five. I did so it daringly to become add sword and become 6 by doing the three petals. In the old days, There was thought called “the odd number is lucky” and “the even number is lucky” in Japan. However, it is to mean “have it made” “fall into place” “rules all things” by the different motif to 6 which is multiple of both odd number and even number.

Exempli gratia:

*It snowed for my memorial day. So I want to motif snow.

*I saw a cat running off with fish in its mouth. So I want to motif cat and fish.

*In the old days, Cherry blossoms flutter down at the seat where a samurai made a party of the victory. Therefore the samurai made a Kamon with cherry blossoms as a motif.

Meaningless for others but, it is important for oneself. I create the Kamon design on the basis of such an idea

Noriko Ok