Design Office in Whitianga, New Zealand


The copyright of the design (hereinafter referred to as “the Work”) shall be as follows, with “A” as the “orderer” and “B” as the “Whiti Design”.

Personal Rights of the Autor
This item is defined in the law as the rights that cannot be sold or transferred to others. Therefore, all these rights shall belong to B.

1. Right to make the Work public (Right to decide whether to publish the Work, the time of publication, etc.)

A may freely publish the Work. B shall not publish on the site or SNS, etc. of B without the consent of A.

2. Right to indicate name (The right to decide whether to display the name of the author, and in the case of displaying, what name to display)

A is free to decide whether to publish the name of the author. When A displays the author’s name, the displayed name shall be “Noriko Oki”. Regarding the display of the name of A as the user of the Work, B shall not announce the name on a site, SNS, etc. of B without the consent of A.

3. Right to maintain integrity (Right to guarantee that the content or title of the work is not altered in any way)

A may freely color the Work, and with the consent of B, may modify the Work and perform additional processing thereof.

Copyright Property Rights

1. Right to copy (Right to reproduce the Work tangibly by printing, photographing, copying, audio recording, video recording, etc.)

shall belong to A.

2. Right to screen (In addition to movie screenings, this shall also include the act of projecting photographs on a display)

shall belong to A.

3. Right to public transmission (In addition to transmission by television and radio, this shall also include transmission by the Internet. It shall be regarded that transmission has been performed when the Work has been uploaded to the server and public access thereto is possible.)

shall belong to A.

4. Right of exhibition (Right to exhibit works of art, etc.)

shall belong to A.

5. Right of transfer (Right to sell a reproduction of the Work)

shall belong to A.

6. Right to lend (Right to lend a duplicate of the work to the public)

shall belong to A.

7. Right to translation/adaptation (Right to have the work translated, arranged, dramatize, or adapted to film)

shall belong to A.

8. Right concerning use of a secondary work (This refers to the copyright of translations/adaptions of the Work)

shall belong to A.