Design Office in Whitianga, New Zealand

Fake tattoo

I apply a fake tattoo with body-tattoo-pens and an airbrush. The ink used is alcohol based, safe to use with special makeup, but it can not be applied to person having weak skin or an allergy to alcohol.

[keeping quality]
3 to 10 days. It will not remove on a normal shower. If you want to have it for a long time, please do not get in the bathtub for a long time, not strongly rub it and prevent a watch or a hard thing from rubbing.

[How to remove]
After packing with a commercially available makeup removal sheet, rub it gently. If you scrape strongly with soap and body brush, it will remove gradually but I do not recommend it because it will hurt your skin. If you want to remove on the day immediately, I will give you a cleansing sheet for special makeup.

[Where] on Art events or Craft markets in NZ or Japan.